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Faye Marsay On Potential For Doctor Who Return

Faye Marsay’s character Shona quickly became a new fan favorite in December’s Christmas special, “Last Christmas.” Rumors began to swirl around the internet that she might be the next to step inside the TARDIS after Clara’s exit. But whether as the new companion or as another guest spot, would Marsay like to return as Shona?

“Definitely! I loved working with the people. They’re wonderful to work with and incredibly talented. And Peter Capaldi! God, I fancy him so much. He’s amazing! The people, the production and the crew are the nicest people. And again, being really sycophantic, it’s a really nice set up they have in Cardiff, and really good people who care about the show. I would definitely go back and do more Doctor Who.”

Certainly fans would be delighted to see Shona back. Is Marsay dropping a hint she WILL be back? Unfortunately, not as yet. She says,

“Whether they’d have me back, I don’t know! No-one’s rung, so I’ve got to let it go and be thankful I was in it in the first place!”

So, no news for now. But we can keep our fingers crossed for another adventure with the Doctor, Clara, and Shona in the future!

[Source: Radio Times]