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First Director announced for Series 11

We reported earlier that there is a new Producer for series 11, but in a further announcement, we now know who the first new director will be.

It’s been announced that Jamie Childs will be working on Series 11. Childs already has experience on the show and working with Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor in fact, as he was the director behind Whittaker’s reveal as the Thirteenth Doctor.

The news was confirmed on the the website of Childs’ agent, Independent Talent, which states that Childs will be working on the first production block of series 11. However, it has not been confirmed which episodes this will include.

Childs has recently directed two episodes of the HTV crime drama Vera and two episodes of Stan Lee’s Lucky Man for Sky 1. He has also won critical acclaim and a number of awards for his work directing commercials, including a Promax award for his Tuborg Brewery advert.

With lots of sparks and dramatic jumping, it looks like Jamie Childs will fit right in on Doctor Who. You can see more of Childs’ work on his website here.