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Five Doctor Whos Meet: Big Finish 50th Anniversary Special

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine reveals that audio producers Big Finish’s contribution to this year’s 50th anniversary celebrations will include a Five Doctors special.

And this time (unlike 1983) no waxworks are needed… the five surviving actors to play the Doctor in its pre-2005 TV incarnation will all star in a two-hour audio adventure. Yes, that’s (take a deep breath): Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann.

The story’s title is The Light at the End and each Doctor will be accompanied by one of their companions.  In the DWM feature Nick Briggs, writer of The Light at the End, admits that he was wary of creating another multi-Doctor story, but was persuaded – not least by various cast members including Tom Baker suggesting it.

Previous multi-Doctor stories have included, on TV, The Three Doctors (1973) and The Five Doctors (1983) to mark the programme’s 10th and 20th anniversaries.

The news about The Light at the End comes as part of a wider DWM feature about plans for this anniversary year.  Also mentioned:

  • Destiny of the Doctor, a series of eleven audio adventures produced by Big Finish and released by AudioGO to be released at the rate of one a month, each featuring a different Doctor and read by an actor from the era of the TV series in which that story is set
  • Three new Doctor Who original novels from BBC Books, with one Dalek and one Cybermen story
    An Anniversary Collection of eleven re-released Doctor Who novels from BBC Books, one for each of the TV Doctors
  • A boxset audio Doctor Who at the BBC featuring the seven volumes previously released along with a new eight volume
  • Screenings by the British Film Institute of eleven TV stories, one per month, each featuring a different Doctor, with special guests

And there will also be a Big Finish Companion Chronicles special mini-series focusing on the First Doctor and Susan’s escape from Gallifrey…

All in all, it looks like the bumper year to end all bumper years for all things Doctor Who… DWM also confirms that preparatory work is underway for An Adventure in Time and Space, a one-off drama about the early days of the programme, and for the 50th Anniversary TV special.