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Four New Doctor Who Documentaries To Air On BBC America

Starting August 4th at 11pm ET of this year, BBC America will be airing four original documentaries based on Doctor Who. What’re they about? See if you can spot the subtle clues in the title.

The first episode will be The Science of Doctor Who, which will explore the realities behind the show’s technologies. 
August 11th at 9pm ET will see the première of The Women of Doctor Who, a documentary dedicated to the female characters and the actresses who have played them throughout the show’s long and illustrious history.
On August 18th at 11pm ET, The Timey-Wimey Stuff of Doctor Who will air. There are no details as of yet as to what exactly this program will contain, it might be about the historical eras and figures that have been featured in the show or exploring the nature of time-travel itself. Both would be cool.
August 25th at 9pm will see the airing of The Destinations of Doctor Who. Again, there is as of yet no proper descriptor of the episode’s content, though this one is a little easier to puzzle out. Presumably it will be about the various wonderful locations the show has visited over its tenure.
No news yet on if or when these documentaries will air on other BBC services for those of us without access to BBC America.