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Frazer Hines Wants To Return To Doctor Who

Frazer Hines, who played Jamie alongside the Second Doctor in the 1960s, isn’t quite finished with Doctor Who just yet. In an interview with Doctor Who Magazine, Hines claimed that he would like to return to the show… full-time.

Hines said:

“Jamie would still work. They’ve got a young Doctor now [at 26, Smith was the youngest actor when cast], and a young female assistant; they need somebody [for] the grannies. If I were old, and bald, and on a walking stick, there’s no way I’d think of coming back as Jamie. But I’m still fit and healthy. I’ve got good legs. And I miss the show more than ever.”

Hines last played Jamie McCrimmon in The Two Doctors in 1985 alongside Patrick Troughton and Colin Baker.