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Freema Agyeman Amazed At Doctor Who’s US Popularity

Freema Agyeman, known for playing Martha Jones in Series 3 of Doctor Who has said that she is amazed at how popular the show has become in the US.

The actress, who is currently working in the States on The Carrie Diaries, talked to Assignment X about Doctor Who’s popularity:

“I am so overwhelmed and so honoured and pleased. I walk down the street here and there are Doctor Who fans coming up to me, and I can’t believe it.

I can’t believe how it has just exploded over here. When I was doing the show, we didn’t get to come over to America and do any of the promotion.  

The new lot [of Doctor Who actors] did, but my agent said, ‘Don’t worry, whatever happens with them, it kind of ripples outwards and the whole family reaps the benefit of that’, so it’s been great for my career.”

 [Source: Digital Spy]