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Freema Talks Gillian

Former Who star Freema Agyeman has expressed her feelings about Karen Gillian, who is due to join Matt Smith in 2010, she was quizzed by DigitalSpy.

“I think she looks great! You know what? She’s like an amalgamation of all of us: she’s rocking the Rose look, she’s got the Catherine hair, she’s Scottish like David, and we share a story – she had a small part in the series before she becomes companion, and I had a small part in the series before I became companion too.”

Then she said: “She’s a marriage of us all and we love her! Well, I love her and I’m sure the others love her too because she’s part of the family now!”

When she was asked about the wedding rumours she denied to answer.

“It’s always been the case with Doctor Who, hasn’t it?” she said. “There’s always things put out there – some true, some not – and some things which never get out there until the you’re seeing it, which is rare. I can’t confirm or deny, but I will say, just watch!”