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Funko launches new Doctor Who PEZ dispensers

With the launch of Series 11 and the new Thirteenth Doctor, we’ve had plenty of new merchandise, with books to read, figures to play with and clothes to wear. But what about when we’re feeling peckish? 

Funko and PEZ Candy, Inc. have teamed up to add to their line of PEZ dispensers, including Star Wars, Golden Girls and (of course) Doctor Who.

doctor who pez dispensers

Fans can get their hands on not only the limited edition Thirteenth Doctor PEZ dispenser, but also the Fourth Tenth and Eleventh Doctors too. With this line being dubbed ‘wave 1’, we can presumably expect to see more familiar faces in Funko from atop the iconic PEZ dispensers.

The four new Doctor Who PEZ dispensers are available to pre-order fro the Entertainment Earth website and are expected to ship in November.