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Geek Crash Course Now Available On The Gallifrey Times

Hello there!

Good news! We’ve teamed up with Geek Crash Course to bring you their episodes every week on both the homepage of The Gallifrey Times, and on our new ‘Geek Crash Course’ page. If you don’t yet know what Geek Crash Course is or what they cover, click here to see a video and introduction on our new ‘Geek Crash Course’ page.

We’ll be publishing new episodes on our homepage as soon as we receive them from Geek Crash Course and you can check out previous episodes that we’ve posted here, and the archive of episodes can be seen here on the official Geek Crash Course Blip page.

You can also check out their website: We hope you enjoy watching their episodes on both their official Blip page and The Gallifrey Times, and we are proud to be the UK Affiliate with Geek Crash Course.

We’ll be publishing the first episode to appear on The Gallifrey Times later this week, as soon as we receive it from Geek Crash Course.

Thanks for reading,
Tom, The Gallifrey Times Admin.