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The Girl Who Waited – 15 Teasers

  1. It’s the least noticeable Doctor-lite episode there has ever been
  2. And it’s completely standalone
  3. Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill are on top form throughout and it’s really their episode
  4. If only Amy hadn’t pushed that button
  5. “******* are cool, see.”
  6. Rory is an admirer of fine ‘art’
  7. “This is a kindness, do not be alarmed”
  8. A greeting from Let’s Kill Hitler is repeated
  9. The Doctor is jealous of something Amy has made
  10. 36 years
  11. “I hate *** ******!”
  12. Amy gets a new pet and it will make you smile
  13. Rory almost does what he does. Again
  14. It’s extra wobbly
  15. Another common phrase from Moffat’s-era crops up again