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The Girl Who Waited – 15 Teasers

  1. Rory has trouble with holographic wallpaper
  2. The fez gets cheeky mention
  3. Rory’s a robot
  4. “I do not want to travel with you!”
  5. Rory was once in a band, apparently
  6. “I’m going to **** **** apart *** ***!”
  7. Amy’s old hockey skills come in handy
  8. Amy is bringing back the ******** dance
  9. “If anyone could beat predestiny, it’s your wife”
  10. Who’s been playing Doctors and Nurses?
  11. The Doctor says something the 10th Doctor used to say a lot
  12. The final action scene is very epic and then…
  13. Perhaps it should have been called ‘Rory’s Choice’
  14. The phrase, ‘The Doctor always lies’ has never been so true
  15. A scene will remind you of Doomsday