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Happy 51st Birthday, Doctor Who!

One year ago today, the Doctor was sent on a new path to find Gallifrey in the amazing 50th anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor – and fifty years before that, the doors of the TARDIS opened for the first time with An Unearthly Child on Saturday 23rd November 1963.

It’s been fifty-one years to the day (and minute, should you be reading this exactly at the time of posting) now since the longest running science fiction series ever began at 5.16pm – and since then we’ve had 34 series, 812 episodes and 13 Doctors (yes, we’re counting John Hurt) – the latest of which, of course, has just finished his first ever run as the Doctor.

Of course, however, Doctor Who isn’t showing signs of slowing – the ninth series since 2005 begins filming in January, and in just over a month we’ll be seeing the tenth consecutive Christmas Special on BBC One.

Happy 51st birthday, Doctor Who! You look young for your age.