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Happy 74th Birthday, John Hurt!

”Great men are forged in fire. It is the privilege of lesser men to light the flame.”

John Hurt, the War Doctor, turns 74 years old today.

Hurt wasn’t on the map Who-wise this time last year – but last year saw the introduction of Hurt to the Whoniverse – and boy, was it an explosive introduction, with Hurt playing the man who killed the Time Lords, the War Doctor, in The Name of the Doctor and 50th anniversary special The Day of the Doctor. He also appeared briefly in mini-sode The Night of the Doctor, having regenerated from Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor!

The last time we saw the War Doctor, he was transforming into a man with considerably more conspicuous ears (that’s Christopher Eccleston) – but is this the last we’ll ever see of the mayfly Doctor!

From everyone here at The Gallifrey Times, we’d like to wish John Hurt a happy birthday. You really were the Doctor after all!