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Happy Birthday Jenna Coleman!

Today Jenna Coleman celebrates her 29th birthday, sharing the date with Russell T Davies in this manic month of Doctor Who birthdays.

Jenna Coleman portrays one of Doctor Who‘s most perplexing characters to date, that of Clara ‘Oswin’ Oswald. Clara, also known as The Impossible Girl, first appeared as Oswin Oswald in the 2012 episode Asylum Of The Daleks, the first episode of Series 7.  We saw Clara become a regular companion of the Doctor later in Series 7 where some of her mystery was explained in the final episode of the series The Name Of The Doctor. In a moving speech Clara tells us she was ‘Born to save the Doctor’.

Jenna continued as faithful companion to the Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi, throughout Series 8 and delighted many fans at the end of the special Last Christmas in December 2014, by reassuring us she would continue alongside the Doctor for the upcoming Series 9. This means Jenna Coleman will potentially play the Doctor‘s longest serving companion.

A very happy birthday Jenna Coleman from all of us at TGT. We’re looking forward to seeing you in Series 9! Here is a short video message we made for Jenna.