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Happy Birthday Sylvester And Sophie!

Not only were they inseparable as The Seventh Doctor and Ace during the 80s, they also share the same birthday.

Sylvester McCoy took over as the Doctor in 1987 until the show ‘ended’ in 1989. He then returned for a brief appearance in the 1996 TV Movie and appeared in Peter Davison’s The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot. McCoy’s Doctor was a loveable, funny little man that also had a much darker side, a big influence for the show today. Today, McCoy celebrates his 71st birthday.

Sophie Aldred played the Doctor’s feisty companion, Ace, from 1987 until 1989. Ace was the first real ‘streetwise’ companion that really paved the way for the companions who followed. Today, Aldred turns 52.

From everyone here at The Gallifrey Times, we’d like to wish Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred a very happy birthday!