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Hello! I’m A Fan Of The Doctor!

Hey there, Whovians of all shapes, sizes, ages, and galactic designations! My name is Erik, but you can call me Copper. I’m a 17 year old American child with an affinity for writing. I’ll be around for a bit, (maybe even a while, who knows?) and I’ll be posting anything on Doctor Who that I can find. Well, if it’s relevant and recent, that is. Two “R” words…I like those.

Anyway, I applied for The Gallifrey Times because, well…I have a MASSIVE love for Doctor Who, and the thought of being able to be active in a fandom this glorious just excites me to no end. So, after sending in an application and being considered, I was brought on for a trial period. Here’s hoping I don’t mess things up!

I realise that most of you are probably thinking right now, that I must have a favourite episode of Doctor Who. After all, all Whovians with a MASSIVE love for the show must have a favourite episode, right? Correct.

My favourite episode is probably a tie between the Eleventh Doctor episode “The Doctor’s Wife” or the Tenth Doctor episode “Midnight“. Let me explain why.

The Doctor’s Wife” is a classic in the making. It’s the first time the TARDIS is actually given a voice with which to interact with the person whom has spent the last nine-hundred plus years travelling within her. This was a brilliant move by writer Neil Gaiman, because prior to this, the TARDIS had already been established as being alive. Without much to go on, other than the fact that it was actually sentient this whole time, we’re left to think “Well, that’s great. It’s alive. That’s…Cool, I guess?”

This episode broke down the barrier between the Doctor and the TARDIS, and completely annihilated the above notion. We can hear the TARDIS speak, analyse her personality, her traits, her quips…And it’s all just so wonderful.

 “Midnight” on the other hand, is excellent for a completely different reason.

One of the many brilliant things about Doctor Who are the enemies. They’re creative, thought out, and are able to withstand the test of time, no matter how many times you wish they wouldn’t. (Daleks…I’m looking at you.) But the main thing that separates those enemies from the one in “Midnight” is the visual aspect. In “Midnight” the fear is derived from what you can’t see, rather than what you can. When you think about it, it’s a complete parallel to another monster of Doctor Who fame: The Weeping Angels.

If you notice, the scare-factor of the angels is completely based of the image of them. If you look away, you’re dead. If you blink, even for a second, you’re dead. With the creature in “Midnight“, you don’t even know where you stand. The only thing you see the shell of a former person, who’s slowly adapting speech patterns are beginning to take on an eerily “foreshadowing” quality. You don’t know what it is, if it’s malicious, if it’s contagious, or if it’s harmless. The only thing you know is that it’s there, and it’s scary.

Without the visual aspect, the viewer is left to imagine what the monster looks like themselves. With that kind of direction given, the fears of the individual can be brought to the surface, and make it that much more frightening.

Well, I’ve rambled on long enough! I think I’ll let some of the other posters have a chance to say something before I go off and do my own thing.

See you around!