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Hello! I’m Jade, The New Girl On The Gallifrey Times!

Hello, I’m Jade and I guess I could count myself as a writer now. Jade the Writer, I like that. Anyway I will be posting stuff here now about the only thing that matters in my life at the moment, Doctor Who.

I have been a fan for about 4 years, my first episode being Gridlock with David Tennant and Freema Agyeman  and its been my religion ever since.

My favourite episode has to be either Silence in the Library or Partners in crime. Deciding on who is my favourite doctor would be like,  deciding on what’s better food or sleep.Impossible. Rose or Donna or Amy are my favourite companions, unless you count River Song, then she wins hands down.Writing wise that’s a hard choice they are all amazing in my eyes.

I’m really excited about working on The Gallifrey Times and with the 50th Anniversary coming up I’m sure it will be amazing.

With the words of the 10th Doctor.. Allons-y!