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Hello, My Name's Graeme & I'm Delighted To Be Here!

Hello visitors of The Gallifrey Times, my name is Graeme Bentzen and I am the
newest recruit to the already marvellous Gallifrey Times team. Some of you may know me from the GallifreyUK website or The 50 Shades Of Gallifrey Podcast. This, however has now become my biggest challenge yet! I’ve even closed said projects to work with these guys, that’s how much I admire them and wanted to work with them. It won’t be easy to match the considerable talents of the team, but I’ll have a go at least!

With so many fantastic writers as well as a wonderful podcast, though still in it’s early stages, it’s presented and produced by the fantastic Oliver, who I think is driving the project forward with his wonderful work and enthusiasm.

Me? Well, I was born in Liverpool in 1984 and so as a child was brought up on a healthy diet of the 7th Doctor’s adventures, as well as a substantial helping of 1 to 6 from my Dad, also a massive Doctor Who fan. Of the Classic Who era, Sylvester McCoy remains my favorite Doctor and of the new era? Matt Smith is without doubt my favorite even more so with his great performances this anniversary year, even when episodes may have not matched up to his obvious talent whilst portraying the role.

I’m also a massive collector of classic Doctor Who memorabilia and so I’m hoping to coerce the team into letting me expand on that side of things a little (Watch this space!) If you fancy a chat about that or anything else at all regarding Doctor Who, you can catch me on Twitter @GallifreyUK.

I can’t wait to start and so I really must be off now. I really hope you enjoy my contribution to The Gallifrey Times, as well as the contributions of the already immensely talented team of writers we have.