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New Writer Aboard

Hey, hi, hello!

A few days ago I applied for a writing position at The Gallifrey Times in a mad frenzy. Applications are always slightly daunting. The worst are when people never reply. But, as you’ve probably guessed from the fact I’m writing this, I’ve made it onto the team. GREETINGS!

My name is Willow and I’m currently in my final year of university studying Screenwriting and English. I’m also a writer for AnimePicks, I post a variety of articles on Squidoo, I’m a voice actor for shows like Final Fantasy Still and I participate every year in NaNoWriMo.

My favourite Doctor Who episode is Blink and my favourite companion is Donna. It’s a show I love to watch with my family as we all laugh, mutter and share glances; trying to figure out how the Doctor will save the day (or we cling to each other when hiding behind a pillow isn’t good enough).

I’m tongue-tied and coffee-crazy with a plethora of interests. Find me on Twitter for writerly gags and Quidditch!