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I'm Ben, The Newest Member Of The Team!

Hello, I’m Ben. 

I started watching Doctor Who just before the 2005 series began, when I bought Remembrance Of The Daleks on VHS for £1… the best pound I ever spent! I was immediately hooked by the wobbly Daleks and the question mark umbrella.

‘My’ Doctor would have to be Sylvester McCoy, as he introduced me to Doctor Who and I feel his time on the show was very underrated. My favourite companion is Romana as I like the idea of a companion who is the Doctor’s equal. My favourite episode would be The Empty Child, as it is the only Doctor Who story that has ever genuinely scared me to the point of nightmares.

So, I look forward to writing for The Gallifrey Times as we draw near to the highly anticipated 50th Anniversary.

You can follow me on Twitter: @BEN_iAmHere