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Important Information Regarding The Future Of The Gallifrey Times

Dear reader,

I would first like to apologize for the lack of updates on The Gallifrey Times over the past month or so. This has been due to other commitments that I have had. We have also had several members of our team leave us over the past few months, therefore it has become harder and harder for us to keep the site updated with the latest Doctor Who news.

The only way for us to continue to deliver the latest Doctor Who news to you daily is to try and recruit new writers. We really need your help and if you are interested then visit the Write For Us page to find out more and apply. If we can’t get enough writers on board, then sadly The Gallifrey Times may have to close.

For now, our team will try and keep you updated with news coming from the Christmas Special. Any news that we have missed will unfortunately not be posted. We would like to thank you for the supporting and visiting The Gallifrey Times.

Thank you for reading,
Founder & Owner Of The Gallifrey Times