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Ingrid Oliver Talks Osgood And Zygons

Yesterday we were able to report that the BBC have brought back firm fan favourite Osgood, who had previously been feared dead and written out of Doctor Who by Steven Moffat. Luckily Moffat lied. The slightly geeky character and member of UNIT, Osgood makes obvious her mild obsession with the Doctor (whether it may be through wearing a familiar looking bow tie, or being clad in a version of the famous fourth doctor’s scarf).

Here actress Ingrid Oliver who plays Osgood briefly wets our appetite regarding her return:

As Ingrid tells us, it’s not just Osgood that will be returning, we will be seeing the Zygons again, who haven’t appeared since the 50th anniversary special The Day Of The Doctor. Osgood is going to be a very welcome return once Series 9 gets underway in the Autumn.

[Source: BBC]