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Introducing Andrew – TGT’s Latest Writer!

Hello! I’m a new writer too! My name is Andrew. Congratulations for finding the best site for Doctor Who fans (I was told to say that or I would be instantly sacked). Anyway, welcome to The Gallifrey Times. If you’re looking for the Doctor, you’ve certainly come to the right place.

I have realized new fellow writers have introduced themselves here, so I’d better do the same. I’m depressingly 37 and have made it this far having had an amazing life – amazing to me anyway. Doctor Who often makes it that way,don’t you find?
I moved to Norwich when I was 12 (Alan Partridge asked me to give him a shout out) And had 2 choices, to support the football team or be a Doctor Who Fan. I definitely made the right choice, probably to the disappointment of my Dalek Father and my mother, misguided faithful follower of the Silence Church (she does her best though).I can’t read very well (that was another problem at university) but weirdly I think I can write quite well. I think that’s because I try and listen very hard to everything I hear, interpret it the best I can, and then share what I understand with others if they want to listen. Most people know how to do that easily, it just took me a bit longer to work it out.

For example Doctor Who audio books and dramas are fantastic, and feed your imagination with even more fascination in the wonder of the Doctor and what the Time Lord teaches us (when not running or having a rest in the TARDIS). I’m a bit of a joker, but it’s a good way to release some of those wound up thoughts we get, greet bad times with a cheerful attitude and they can become easier! I also quite like cricket, just like the Fifth Doctor.
A lovely Whovian told me a few weeks ago about The Gallifrey Times wanting some writers and I am now very happy to be leaving the aforementioned job. My boss is a friend so won’t be too angry, and anyway he doesn’t understand Doctor Who so won’t ever read this – I will tell him something different as to why I have to leave so as to enter this wonderful community of dedicated Doctor Who fans – never forget that we are the best geeks ever! (But are we geeks? I better look that one up in the Dictionary!).2014 is hopefully going to be great for all of us, and when it doesn’t feel that way, come here and let’s all try and cheer each other up so we can find our own paths to happiness.

I will be seeing you in time I hope, it may be a little while but I’ll be popping up here and there, stay enjoying everything you do, and always visit here when you need to smile!