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Introducing James Bullen as The Writer

I have joined. My time is now. There is change, my dears, and it seems not a moment too soon! The change is James. James is I. I’m a full-time Whovian and amateur human-being, I dabble in Drama and Art, as well as enjoying the odd book (or audio!). It is a privilege to be working on this glorious website as a writer and podcaster. 
My relationship with Doctor Who started on the 26th March 2005. Well, it started and ended on the same night. After the Doctor defeated the Nestene consciousness and grabbed a Londoner off to see all of time and space, I was in tears – and not because of the tragic tales of the Time War, but because I was ”frightened” (well, I milked it a bit so I could eat some more Easter Eggs and stay up later). My adventures with everyone’s favourite Time Lord could have died on that day but my father was a fan (he tracked down Tom Baker in a pub in the Eighties). So by the release of the Series 1 box-set I started watching again, from that moment I was hooked – I have kept watching ever since. Action figures, books and plastic remote-control robot dogs are all the norm in my room. I can also firmly say the Tenth Doctor is ‘my’ Doctor, with his tales of woe and liking to French sayings!
However my fan experience catapulted early last year, when I started watching the classic episodes (prior to that I had either ashamedly dubbed it ”old and dull” or just watched Robot and The Five Doctors). I started finding interesting fan dwellings with Tumblr, forums, Twitter and most importantly YouTube. I joined a collab channel named WhoviansForLife (now a semi-collab with myself as the main host). This year I launched a semi-regular web show called  ‘Whoites’ and with that made friends with multiple fans within the community. Which eventually lead me to Oliver Jenkins (Head of Podcasting), which ultimately lead me to this website. Oh yes! It was destiny! Time to do some writing. ALLONS-Y! 
To find more of my ramblings, look no further than my YouTube, WhoviansForLife