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Introducing Leah – Allons-y!

Hi! My name is Leah, and I go to Middle School in America. I started watching Doctor Who 2 years ago, when my mom forced me to see this ridiculous show with some crazy madman flying around in a box – I fell in love with The Doctor during that episode and I have been a fan ever since!

My favorite Doctor will always be David Tennant! The actor is brilliant and the Doctor he played is one is still loved by many. My favourite companion is Rose – I heard Billie Piper speak at a convention this year! I also love other companions, such as ‘The Girl Who Waited’, ‘Rory the Roman” and ‘The Doctor Donna’.

I didn’t like Donna at first but when I started to watch more episodes with the character I realized how wrong I was! The actress actually has her own show on YouTube, which David Tennant has been on, and I think Catherine Tate is hilarious!

I am in a lot of fandoms; I really love crime drama, rock music and super heroes, but Doctor Who will always have a special place on the list.