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Introducing The TGT Debate

Clara should leave! 

Daleks aren’t scary anymore! 
Moffat should go!

In the online Whoniverse, these are the headlines that are emblazoned on blogs, forums and social media. The bottom half of the internet – home to the dreaded comments box – is filled with opinionated fans shouting views at anyone who will listen. Sometimes these are opinions held by most of fandom, with people feeling very strongly about how they think the show should be run.

Here at TGT, we love a good debate. We ourselves discuss these topics and share our thoughts on them. Which is why, during the lead up to Series 9 – which is now only a few months away! – we’ve decided to share our opinions with you, our loyal readers, in a weekly feature leading up to Series 9. Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, Timelords and Timeladies, I am pleased to inform you that each week we will be having a TGT Debate, in which two of our writers will present opposing arguments for a popular opinion and you, the readers, will vote for what you think is right – a format that is absolutely nothing like the TV show Argumental

So, keep your eyes peeled every Monday for our TGT Debate and do get involved: vote for your side of the argument, share your comments on the topic and suggest more topics for us to discuss. In our first debate, we will be discussing the topic ‘Is it time for a new show runner?’.