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Is Home Secretary Really Davros From Doctor Who?

Well, no, clearly not. You’re unlikely to believe that unless you’re the sort of person who believes, say, that today marks the end of the world…

Nonetheless this hasn’t stopped a university Vice-Chancellor with an eye for a headline, and a reporter and designer with a sense of humour who have depicted Theresa May as the evil creator of the Daleks.  (No, not Terry Nation – he created the evil creator. Keeping up? Good.)

This week’s Times Higher Education Supplement – a key news outlet in the UK for those working or studying at UK higher education institutions – carries a report on the ongoing battle within the coalition between the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and the Home Office, over visas for students coming to UK universities from outside the EU. 

Edward Acton of the University of East Anglia has criticised Ms May for allegedly undermining efforts to promote UK universities abroad, comparing her to ‘a Dalek… she will forge ahead until something gets in her way’.

Surely there is only one answer to all this: