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Could A Time Lady Be Coming To Doctor Who?

Though it’s still looking unlikely, Doctor Who head honcho Steven Moffat has admitted that it’s entirely possible it’ll happen someday.

Speaking at the Edinburgh Television Festival, Moffat admitted that it’s possible both within the established laws of Doctor Who and as a viable casting option in the future.

Moffat asked the assembled reporters: 

Can I just ask, how many people would continue watching quite happily and believe it was the same person if the Doctor turned into a woman?

Which doesn’t exactly make him sound keen on the idea, though the idea has gained some considerable support over the years among fans. Recently, when a fan artist depicted the eleven Doctors as women, prominent author Neil Gaiman added his voice in support of a female Doctor.
That being said, the antipathy form some members of the fanbase towards the idea might mean that it’s a long way from fruition.
Personally I’m in favour of a Time Lady being in the show. Given that kerfuffle over Gallifrey and Moffat’s recent statement that the Rani won’t be returning any time soon, it’s pretty unlikely that we’ll be seeing any Time Ladies that aren’t the Doctor.
Oh look, I have yet another opportunity to reiterate my love for The Curse of Fatal Death and point out that the Doctor did regenerate into a woman once!