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Jenna Coleman on This Morning

Doctor Who star Jenna Coleman – who, if you didn’t know, plays companion Clara – appeared on ITV daytime television show This Morning earlier today to promote the new series of Doctor Who.

When asked to compare working with Peter Capaldi to Matt Smith, she said:

“Just very different. You can’t compare the two.” 

“That’s the thing about [Peter]. He looks a certain age but he has this little…”

Coleman said the new Doctor would be very different from the previous few Doctor:

“He kind of doesn’t even register the fact that he’s a girl. He’s much more alien, he’s kind of removed, he’s harder to get on with. You kind of see the control freak out of control. He’s just a loose cannon, so for Clara she’s just constantly trying to control this mad man in a box.”

She described the world tour as “Mad, mental, brilliant.” and said of the fans:

“It was lovely, actually. You just meet so many people who are so happy to meet. They love the show so much. People are really enthusiastic and creative about the show… The loudest for sure was Mexico or Brazil.”

She also spoke about not being recognised very much:

“I was sat in an airport once and there was a guy sat there making this TARDIS and absolutely not a flash. I think it’s a height thing.”

There was also the inevitable topic of the recent rumours regarding Jenna’s possible departure from the show:

“The truth is … I don’t want to tell you the truth because I quite like these rumours. I think it’s really interesting because, suddenly, people don’t know what’s going to happen in the series, people don’t have any idea, so this speculation is quite good. People can now watch the show not knowing if I am or not, and that is quite exciting.”

She summed up what Doctor Who is all about and why these rumours also help the show:

“That’s what makes good television, when you have the ability to surprise.”

Viewers were also treated to a sneak peek clip from the second episode, Into The Dalek.

As Jenna pointed out, Doctor Who returns tomorrow with Deep Breath at 7:50pm.