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Jenna-Louise Coleman On Working On Doctor Who

Jenna-Louise Coleman, who plays the Doctor’s companion Clara in the show, has talked to Mashable about her experiences working on Doctor Who:

“Every day on the job is kind of mad, from battling Cybermen to being on a submarine to standing on a cloud. Normal life seems incredibly dull once you’ve been shooting Doctor Who.”

On her knowledge of the history of the show she had this to say:

“It was never on when I was growing up,”  

“Growing up in the UK, I watched bits and bobs, here and there; it’s a wonderful series, really feeds your imagination.” 

“When I was auditioning [for the role of Clara] I started to watch some, then I consciously decided not to watch any more … I didn’t want to have any prior knowledge [of the Doctor].”

Jenna-Louise Coleman resumes her role as Clara in The Rings of Akhaten, which airs this Saturday in the UK.

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