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Jessica Raine On Starring In Doctor Who Series 7: Part 2

Call the Midwife star Jessica Raine has spoken to Radio Times about her time on Doctor Who. According to Radio Times, the epsiode Jessica stars in is called ‘Phantom of the Hex’ which they also say is the first epiode of Doctor Who Series 7 Part 2.

She describes acting opposite the Time Lord as, “Very different from Midwife. On Doctor Who, it was all mind machines and strobe lighting. But it was a magical experience and something I was very happy to do. It’s a very different character and genre – you have to throw yourself into it and take it very seriously.”

She add, “I hadn’t realised what an institution Doctor Who is. I got offered the part and didn’t think that much about it. Then you go on set and you see this blue police telephone box, and suddenly the weight of what you’re doing hits home.”

Jessica already Matt Smith before she filmed her Doctor Who episode. “We had done a play reading together. He’s a brilliant actor. He has a very long career ahead of him. I like the fact that he brings a darker edge to the role of the Doctor – it’s not all fun and games.”

Jessica added, “Matt’s really good at that. He gets a hell of a lot of attention and handles it very well. I didn’t get any interest from Doctor Who fans, the so-called Whovians – not yet! I just get the Midwife fans.”