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John Barrowman Denies Being Spotted On Set

Digital Sply have revealed a video, an interview with John Barrowman, Barrowman has denied being spotted on the Doctor Who set.

“I hate to burst your bubble, but I do have my own Captain Jack outfit, and all my fans know I do. Right. I have everything. And that actually was me, coming out of Tesco. Running to my car.”

Then he said: “And that was just, they just superimposed me in a different sequence because it’s newsworthy. And I tell you the honest to God truth, I haven’t seen a script. I have no clue what everyone’s talking about.”

He also says “I’ve had speaking parts in Doctor Who, I’m not saying that will never happen again”

So Barrowman denies being spotted, but he said returning to Doctor Who is still a possibility.

Many people think that he is keeping a secret, but the others do not, what do you think.