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John Barrowman Doubtful of Return to Doctor Who, Defends Peter Capaldi

Over the last several years, Captain Jack Harkness returned from the dead many times on Doctor Who and Torchwood but he may not make it back this time. 

In an interview with Magic Radio, John Barrowman wasn’t optimistic about reprising the role.

“I haven’t been asked. If I had a TARDIS I would jump in, go back in time, change [the producer’s] minds and go forward and play him again

“I would love to do it, but I might never be on Doctor Who or Torchwood again.”

Barrowman had nothing but praise for the newest Doctor, and didn’t mince words addressing Peter Capaldi’s detractors:

“And for those critics who sit behind their keyboards and say ‘Capaldi’s not going to be good…’ Shut up! Because you’ll watch the show anyway. You go on the journey the Doctor takes you on no matter who is playing him.”

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