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John Hurt Talks Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Filming

As we reported previously, British TV and film stalwart John Hurt is to star in this years Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special. With exact details regarding his character or the extent of his role thin on the ground , it’s welcoming news that he’s been chatting to The Daily Telegraph about his appearance in the shows celebratory year. Although he wasn’t giving anything away,

“I’m in the middle of filming, I start again at 9am tomorrow. it’s brilliant and I am getting to work with David Tennant, who I have a lot of time for,”  

After being pressed on details with his involvement he replied,

“I’m sworn to secrecy about my character and my scenes.” 

So not much to go on there, however his enthusiasm for appearing in the show was clear for all. Whilst quizzed on his reaction to have been asked to appear, he simply remarked,

“I knew what my answer would be.”

So Hurt is obviously delighted to be marking the shows 50th year with an appearance and joins an ever increasing list of British actors to have fulfilled their long time ambition to appear in Doctor Who, joining the likes of Sir Ian McKellen (Lord Of The Rings, The Hobbit) and David Warner (Doctor Who: Dreamland, Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country) who incidentally appears in tonight’s episode Cold War.

On another topic, he was also asked for his thoughts on comments made by the first ever Director of Doctor Who Waris Hussein last week that Doctor Who ‘had become too sexy’.

“I’m not sure about that,” says Hurt. “I’d never begrudge a kiss, or a kissing scene.” 

So John Hurt doesn’t seem to phased regarding those views, so what do you think? As always leave your comments below and let us know, is Doctor Who a little to ‘hands on’ nowadays?

Article written by Graeme Bentzen for The Gallifrey Times.

[Source: Daily Telegraph]