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John Simm Talks Finale

Today, saw John Simm appear on Radio 2’s, Johnathon Ross show, intially talking about Speaking in Tongues, which can currently be seen at the Duke of York’s Theatre in London, but no interview would be complete with some talk of Who! Simm will be reprising his role of the Master, this Christmas.

Speaking to Johnathon, he said, “Ooh, he’s back all right! I can’t tell you – the producers are sweating now listening to this! But it’s fantastic, it was such fun to do, and it’s brilliant to be asked to go back and play that character again, and Russell has written these amazing scripts, because obviously they’re David’s last hurrah as the Doctor.”

He added: “It’s a hell of a way to go though. It’s a great, great couple of episodes.”

Next, he reveals that he thinks that the episodes will air on Christmas Day and New Years Day, “It’s Christmas Day and, I think, New Year’s Day, I’ve never been on Christmas Day before – I’m very excited! And it’s called The End of Time, so no pressure there then for the new Doctor!”

On, speaking about David Tennant as the 10th Doctor, Simm said, “He’s a brilliant, brilliant, brilliant Doctor, He’s just been wonderful.”

Many thanks to WhovianNet for this news.