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Karen Gillan & Arthur Darvill On Doctor Who Series 7

Karen Gillan who plays Amy and Arthur Darvill who plays Rory in Doctor Who have spoken to MTV about Series 7, which has been confirmed to air in August.

Karen said: “We have five, major, epic, movie style episodes which are standalone stories, but all leading towards our departure in episode five.”

When discussing the return of the Daleks in Series 7 Episode 1, ‘Asylum Of The Daleks’, she said: “I’ve never been massively scared of them before… I like them, because they’re iconic, but they’ve never scared me before. They did in this episode.”
They joked about befriending a horse called Moonshine and singing to it for the western-themed episode ‘A Town Called Mercy’, but declined to give MTV a rendition of the song they made up.
When discussing their final episode they expressed their surprise that lots of Doctor Who fans had turned out to watch them film their final scenes.
Karen explained that the production team didn’t expect the large turnout either, saying: “Well they didn’t, because there was no security!”
But they said that the fans were very co-operative and kept absolutely silent while filming was taking place in New York’s Central Park.