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Karen Gillan: ‘Female Viewers Will Feel For Amy Pond’


Karen Gillan, who plays Amy Pond in Doctor Who has said that female Doctor Who viewers will “really feel” for Amy Pond in Saturday night’s mid-series finale, ‘A Good Man Goes To War’.

She admitted to TV & Satellite Week that she had received advice from her own mother about playing the scenes as Amy gives birth. Thanks to Digital Spy for the interview and text below:
“Well, she is obviously in labour and she has been taken away somewhere,” she explained. “So the Doctor and Rory are on a massive mission to find her and she has to deal with some very scary people and things.”
Asked if Amy will have her baby taken from her, Gillan responded: “You will have to tune in to find out, but it is really, really emotional for Amy what she goes through. I think any woman watching will really feel for her.

“It is something that I actually found quite difficult to understand, so I had to speak to my mum about the labour scene and just tried to make it really horrific.”

Gillan, who previously teased that ‘A Good Man Goes To War’ is “full of shocks and twists”, added that she gets to show a different side to Amy in the episode.

“That is one of the things I set out to do because of something that happens to her to do with giving birth, which would really affect anyone,” she said. “It is going to change her in a big way for the long run and I think we are going to get to see Amy in a really different light.”