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Karen Gillan Shocked By Finale Twist


Karen Gillan has expressed that she did not predict the mid-series finale twist. The actress, who plays Amy Pond, told Total TV Guide that she was shocked about what would happen in the upcoming episode, ‘A Good Man Goes To War’.

Thanks to Digital Spy for the text and interview below:

Gillan said: “This is… when we discover who River Song (Alex Kingston) really is. It’s such a huge pay-off, I didn’t see it coming.”

She added: “We end on a revelation so huge, everyone will need the whole summer to digest it.”

Gillan also dismissed suggestions that the most recent series of Doctor Who has been too scary for younger viewers.

“I’m all for it getting scarier!” she said. “Kids are cool with it, it’s just the adults who worry. This [last] episode is full of shocks and twists, but it’s more disturbing than scary.”