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Keeley Hawes: Peter Capaldi ‘Just Brilliant’ In Doctor Who

Upcoming Doctor Who guest star Keeley Hawes is the latest name to come out in praise of the show’s new leading man, Peter Capaldi.

The Line of Duty actress was speaking at the Freesat Free TV awards on Tuesday night, where she said: “We were in a terrible thing together years ago but a really, good fun thing,” most likely alluding to their work alongside former Doctor Paul McGann in the 2001 Airplane-esque comedy spoof Hotel!

She continued: “So, I knew him and Douglas McKinnon who directed the first three episodes of Line of Duty was directing it, so I felt very relaxed about that.”

“But he’s just brilliant. Peter Capaldi is just fabulous – I think everyone’s going to love him.”

Hawes also revealed that, despite the familiar faces on set, she was still apprehensive about taking on a role in Doctor Who: “It was quite nerve-wracking going on such a big show,” she said. “It feels like a big show because it is so well known and people love it so much, there’s a big old Who fanbase out there, so you’ve got all that pressure. I hope people enjoy my episode – it’s really good fun.”
Keeley Hawes will appear in one episode of the forthcoming series as the mysterious villain Ms Delphox, ‘a powerful out of this world character with a dark secret’ who encounters the Twelfth Doctor and companion Clara Oswald on their visit to a ‘strange and puzzling planet’. The episode – written by Steve Thompson (Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS) – forms part of Series 8 of the show, which returns to our screens in August.
[Source: The Independent]