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Well, we have now got a break for 1 week, and that does mean that there will be no updates until next Saturday.

We are going on holiday, and we think we deserve a week’s rest. This of course does mean that there will be no coverage on Planet Of The Dead, but we can rely on our great friends who will be keeping you updated all these websites can be found on the Links page, HERE! We can also reccommend that you visit the Official Doctor Who Website, HERE!

Don’t forget that Planet Of The Dead will air tommorow on BBC 1 and BBC HD at 6:45PM.

Due to safety regulations, the chat on both this page and the DWO-Chat page will be closed temperarily for 1 week, this is so some that spammers cannot spam us while we are not here. If you have sent us an email after today (10th April), then we’re afraid that you wont receive a reply until next Saturday. Also comments will be disabled, for the same reason that the chat has.

So that’s it. The only thing we can say now is… Happy Easter and Enjoy Planet Of The Dead! We’ll see you back here on Saturday 18th April 2009. Bye!