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Last Post, For 3 Days.

As you may know by looking at the Cbox, there will be no updates, posts on Wednesday 29th, Thursday 30th and Friday 31st July 2009.

This is due to a short break, which after a lot of news posts and updates, we think we deserve it. We are sure every one else agrees with us as well, it’s only 3 days of 365 a year.

So, of course no updates, there’s no Wi-Fi at the place, the Cbox will be locked at 10pm tonight so people don’t spam, not saying that you do, the Contact Us page will remain open to visitors, but however will not receive a reply until Friday/Saturday.

Of course, we severely apologise if this will cause any problems to you, but please keep visiting the other sites, on our links page, and our affiliates. The BBC Dr Who site will be updated with any news.

So, it’s bye for now, but we will be back!

With Regards