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Lee Mack Is Desparate To Star In Doctor Who

Doctor Who has always attracted big names from the world of theatre, film and television, all secretly desperate to get a role on the legendary show. Recently, another unlikely celebrity announced their love of Doctor Who: Lee Mack.

Best known for his stand up shows, being a team captain on Would I Lie To You? and his hit sitcom Not Going Out, comedian Lee Mack recently made his West End debut in The Miser. At a comedy masterclass at the BFI & Radio Times Television Festival, Richard Osman asked Mack whether he would like to do more acting. 
Mack’s reply revealed quite the secret:

“Yeah. Genuinely my big thing and the reason I’m in The Miser is because I always ask myself one simple question when I’m offered anything: Will it get me nearer to being Doctor Who or further away?”

He went on to describe his love for the show:

“I genuinely do. Because it’s the only show we [my family] all absolutely watch, we don’t watch it on catch up, we watch it on TV. It’s always been my favourite show and I am on a mission to get on Doctor Who.”

When asked who he would like to play, Mack replied honestly:

“I’ll be a hand. A green thing coming on the screen, just to say I’ve been in it. I’ll do anything. If I’m in a play they might go: ‘Oh, he’s an actor, let’s get him in Doctor Who. I think very simplistically.”

Doctor Who has had its fair share of comedian guest stars over the years, including Catherine Tate, David Walliams, Matt Lucas, David Mitchell & Robert Webb and even Ken Dodd. So, could we be seeing Lee Mack as a ‘green thing’ in Series 11? Here’s hoping.