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Major Doctor Who Announcement To Be Made Tonight?

Tonight the internet is alive with the sound of rumour and we’ll be here to give you the big news as it happens. There are unconfirmed reports that a major announcement will be made with regards to Series 8 and possible casting departures/arrivals that coincide with this.

The guys over at (a usually very reliable source) say that an announcement over scheduling and cast changes is imminent, however there is an embargo in place until midnight tonight (01/06/2013) that prevents the news from being reported earlier than the BBC want it to.

There are several rumours flying around at this point, however we’d like to point out that you should take these with a considerably large bucket of salt until official confirmation is received.

We will of course bring you the latest on this story as it happens. Be sure to check back between now and 01:00 Sunday the second, for our latest reports on the rumoured announcement.