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Marc Ellerby Creating 11th Doctor Short Adventures

The relationship between comics and Doctor Who is at an all time high. As we reported previously, the 11th Doctor will be receiving his very own comic series, created by Titan Comics. Not only that, but the 10th and 12th Doctors will also be undergoing the comic treatment by Titan.

To counter-balance the more serious, dense or complex tone of the comic itself, illustrators and publishers can add backups in the final pages, designed to provide a juxtaposing silly and light-hearted break from the intensity of the main comic. It has been revealed that Essex based illustrator Marc Ellerby will be designing and drawing the backups for the 11th Doctor comics.

Mr Ellerby garnered acclaim for his print and web based comics, among those being Chloe Noonan, the story of a rather normal and unassuming monster hunter. You can see examples of the style he employs on his Tumblr page, which can be found here, or head to his website here to check out his other creations.

Both the 10th and 11th Doctor comics were released today.