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Mark Gatiss Approves of Upcoming Doctor Who Star

In a hot off the press interview, Mark Gatiss spoke with sincere adoration for the upcoming actor on the show, Peter Capaldi.

“I’ve seen quite a bit of him and he’s absolutely fantastic. Peter’s just got this amazing, fierce, funny, slightly alarming
quality to him – he reminds me a lot of Alastair Sim, actually. You’re
not quite sure where you stand with him; he’s very funny, but he’s got
this glint in his eye and I think it’s a terrific run of episodes.”

With all of the new trailers, fans have been forming certain speculations on how the Doctor will be portrayed in the forthcoming series. One hypothesis is seems to stand out among all of the others, and that is the idea that the Doctor will gravitate towards a being of baneful thoughts or actions. He is said to be a more serious adaptation of the role.

“The brilliant thing about Doctor Who is that it’s always changing like the central character – not just the face of the actor, but the direction of the show. David and Matt were both wonderful, but both were very human Doctors
and I think it’s time to remind people that the Doctor isn’t always
like that. He’s that sort of Tom Baker, Jon Pertwee and even Christopher
Eccleston style actually: it’s someone who’s not immediately going to
be your best friend and can be quite abrupt and rude.”

Despite the numerous opinions of the Doctor’s character, this new modification will be a fierce crossbreed that will be sure to hold many exciting new stories for fans to experience. After all, the Doctor is the Doctor; he is the same man he always was and always will be. The only difference, is the regeneration aspect of the being.
[Source: Kasterborous ]