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Mark Gatiss Wants Larger Ice Warrior Presence In Doctor Who

Mark Gatiss, esteemed writer for Doctor Who and Sherlock, has spoke to Doctor Who Magazine about his wishes for a larger presence for the Martians in the show:

“I don’t want to give a politician’s ‘wait and see’ answer, but I’d love to do more with them now they’re back in Cold War,” 

“Mars is under-explored in Doctor Who. I want to see the class system, the Phobos Heresy, the Olympian caste, all the things that we’re hinting at in Cold War. I want to see Martian society. Whether it’s 5,000 years ago or 15,000 years in the future, it’s a whole new world to explore.” 

“The Ice Warriors are back where they belong, and I’m thrilled.”

The Ice Warriors return to Doctor Who in the upcoming episode Cold War, the third episode in the Series 7 Part 2 run.

[Source: Doctor Who TV]