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Matt Smith & Caroline Skinner Doctor Who Q&A Summary

As you might know, yesterday saw a Doctor Who Q&A with Matt Smith and Executive Producer Caroline Skinner take place at the London Comic Con. The session was livestreamed on YouTube and will be available on The Gallifrey Times next week.

Below is a brief summary of some interesting parts of the session, thanks to Doctor Who TV.

  • Asked about the “Fall Of The Eleventh”, Matt said there are still many adventures to come before that
  • Nothing much on the 50th anniversary except to say there are big plans and “it’s cool and exciting”
  • Matt spoke about The God Complex and what was behind the door and gave the same answer as posted here
  • Matt wants his Doctor to battle Master and wondered if John Simm would still play him
  • Neil Gaiman’s episode was teased and it contains “some old classics”
  • Both Matt and Skinner mentioned they’d like the see the Ice Warriors and the Yeti return (a hint?)
  • Matt promised a great monster for the opener next year and thinks the episode will be a classic
  • They confirmed the return of River Song next year, but not what episode she will appear in