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Matt Smith In It For The Hair?

Yesterday Paul McGann had been quoted saying in The Sun that Matt Smith got his part all because of his so called amazing hair.

McGann told The Sun that he got his job beause of his mop of hair! And he’s saying that Matt Smith also got the job due to his hair.

“Matt said that in auditions they could not stop talking about his hair,” said the ex-Doctor.”

“They were telling him his hair was wonderful – that’s exactly what happened to me when i got the part. Current Doctor David Tennant also has striking hair.”

“Basically, if you’ve got long or big hair, you’ve got the job.”

He aslo likes the descsion of Matt Smith being cast as the 11th Doctor.

“He is an absolute knockout choice – a fabulous actor with a very odd quality about him, which you need as the character.”

So Paul McGann think he got it because of his striking hair, do you?