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Matt Smith Named As National Youth Theatre Patron

Matt Smith, known for playing the 11th Doctor in Doctor Who has recently been named as a patron for the National Youth Theatre.

Matt, who trained with the Theatre when he was a teenager, gave students a surprise when he walked in on rehearsals in London. They were adding the final touches to their Olympic and Paralympic welcome ceremonies which involves 140 budding actors and actresses.

Smith said that the theatre “completely transformed my life. No understatement. I’m proud to be a part of it still. I care very deeply about it”.

The artistic director and chief operating officer for the theatre, Paul Roseby, knew Matt when he was training.

“Matt is a perfect role model for the latest generation of brave new talent. Raw, fearless and a passion for theatre is something that doesn’t just sum up our company but also the wonderful Matt Smith.

“As we continue to operate in challenging economic times, like everyone in the arts, it’s always good to have a Doctor in the house.”

[Source: BBC]