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Matt Smith On BBC 1 Tonight

11th doctor, Matt Smith will appear on the 6’o clock news tonight on BBC One.

He is promoting the movie, Together, at the Cannes Film Festival in Germany.

The news was first heard on the BBC Entertainment Team’s Twitter feed, they released the following:

In Cannes watching the new Dr Who, Matt Smith, perform for the TV cameras. His hair is amazing. Bald men everywhere will weep.

Matt Smith thinks Cannes is very rock’n’roll. He wants to return to Cannes to direct his own short film in the future.

Asked about filming for Doctor Who, Matt Smith says: “My lips are sealed!” *zips lips with finger*

Matt Smith says no-one seems to have noticed him in Cannes. He knows Dr Who is going to change his life, but he’s not fazed by all the fuss

We don’t have pix of Matt Smith’s amazing hair just now… but there’s a rumour he’ll be on the six o’clock news tonight

Don’t forget to tune in!

The video of the interview can now be seen below.